Adopt A Planter Program

Jacksonville “Adopt a Planter” Program
No doubt you have seen our City Planters along Main Street. We have put 20 out and have 20 more in storage. We received a donation to help get the program started but need some help in keeping the planters looking good. The goal is to help our city look more attractive and first 20 planters have helped achieve that goal.
If members of our Community will step up and “adopt” one planter, we will be able to maintain our 40 planters and continue to improve the beauty of our City.  Individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches and essentially anyone interested will be able to adopt a planter.
When a planter is adopted, the adopter’s responsibility will be to plant flowers twice each year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall. A list of appropriate flowers will be provided and where they are available. Additional responsibility will include watering several times each week in the heat of the summer. Picking the trash out of them occasionally will be necessary because some folks treat them as trash cans.
If you are interested, an adoption form is available at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall, Chamber Commerce Office, Chamber website and Double R Florist. As a reminder, potential adopters can include:
Businesses, Families, Individuals, Neighborhood Organizations, Churches, Schools, and Community Organizations.
Some people have expressed an interest but want to pay someone to maintain their planter for them at an annual cost of $200.00. This is also an option.
Some of the benefits of adopting a planter includes:
Helping to beautify our City; Certificate of Adoption from the Mayor; Your picture on the City and Chamber web-page; Recognition in local media; A plaque on the planter with your name.
Call 501-681-2288 if you have questions.